The Drummer (FF) Production Designer  Dir. Eric Werthman Producer  Danny Glover, Eric Werthman.

American Wisper (FF) Production Designer Dir Russ Emanuel Producer Howard Nash.

Jay Shetty (MP) Production Designer Dir Sarah Snow Producer Stephen G Curtis

EVE 26 (FF) Costume designer Dir Tara Subkoff Producer Daphne Muller

Sundance Collab (SF) Production Designer Dir Scot Tran

BWOY (FF) Production/ Costume Designer Dir John G. Young Producer Dane Joseph and Daniel Armando. Novo Novus Pictures. Distribution Breaking Glass Pictures.

For Our Sins (SF) Production/ Costume Designer Dir Edwin Illoh Producer Dhruv Kumar (Cannes Film Festival 2016).

The Poison Of Grapefruit (FF) Production Designer Dir Fletcher Crossman Producer Kevin Roy.

Dolphins and Sharks (TH) Costume Designer Dir Charlotte Brathwaite Playwright James Anthony Tyler. Labyrinth Theater.

Alien Dawn (TV) Costume Designer Dir Josh Crook  (Nickelodeon, Free Mantle, Crook Brothers, Animation Collective).

Getting In (SF) Production/ Costume Designer Dir Stian Hafstad Producer Ofelya Harutyunyan. (NYTVF 2016).

Sorority Nightmares (FF) Costume Designer Dir. Kenny Gage and Devon Downs, Producers Colin Theys, Andrew Gernhard, Shane O'Brien, Zack O'Brien. Synthetic Cinema International (Lifetime Movies).

Stranger in the House (FF) Costume Designer Dir Devon Gummersall, Producer Ash Christian, EP Anne Clements. Cranium Entertainment (Lifetime Movies). 

Addiction: A 60's Love Story (FF) Costume Designer Dir Tate Steinseik, Producer Ash Christian, EP Jordan Yale Levine. Cranium Entertainment, Yale Productions.

Out Again (SF) Production/ Costume designer Dir Robin Cloud Producer Jessica Devearny (Refinery 29) NYC LGBT Film Festival.

Loserville (FF) Costume Designer Dir. Lovell Holder Producer Jodi Schoenbrun Carter EP Jordan Yale Levine. Yale Productions.

Dolphins and Sharks (TH) Costume Designer  Dir Charlotte Brathwaite, Writer James Anthony Tyler,  Labrythin Theater.

Running on Empty (SF) Production/ Costume designer Dir. Douglass Choi Producer Sarah-Rose Rossetti.

The Manhattan Project (FF) Costume Designer Dir. Cathy Crane Producer Kayla Koepelle, Cathy Crane.

The Road to Damascus (TH) Costume Designer Dir. Robert Greer, Gene Frankel Theatre.

My First Miracle (FF) Costume Designer  Dir Rudy Luna Producer Jordan Yale Levin. Yale Productions.

Lost Girl (FF) Costume Designer Dir Leigh Scott, Producers Enterimagination, LG Productions. 

David & Layla (FF) Costume Designer Dir JJ Alani Producer Isen Robbins and Amy Schoof.


Optimum Costume Designer The Wild Factory

Ricoh Printers Art Director Milt Media

Oxo Art Director Attackship on Fire

Affinion Credit Costume designer LG Productions


NYSCA Grants Film and Video and Arts Organizations Panelist

IBC Harvard Breakout Panelist

Curator Bite Street Art and Fashion-Zulema Griffin and Yona Backer of Third Streaming

Curator Who Owns Art Pool Art Fair

Costumed The Living News Liz Magic Laser at The Swiss Institute

Costumed Displaced Thresholds (Kenya Robinson) at Bumble and Bumble.


Parsons School of Design/ SVA

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